dip-logo-opgDead Interesting's pedigree is impressive, reflecting a knowledge and experience of twenty years at the forefront of new media design, film production, audio and podcast production and motion graphic.
We provide a hands-on understanding of new technology and its application in a real world and a professional no-nonsense approach.
It works for us and our clients tell us they're very happy people too.

emlynharrisEmlyn Glanmôr-Harris - producer/director
Media expert Emlyn founded the company in 2005. His experience with new media and design began in 1995 when he created the award-winning 'Sexton's Tales' website to publicise the 20-part BBC Radio series he'd devised and written. The Sexton's Tales series starred veteran actor George Cole as the gravedigger of London's Highgate Cemetery, the Victorian Valhalla. Nineteen episodes and two Christmas specials were broadcast by the BBC between 1996 and 1999, and featured guest appearances from such well-known actors as Warren Mitchell, Ellie Haddington and Ian Lavender.

vidclip emlynThe Sexton's Tales companion website won the award for the UK's Best Personal Website in the first ever Internet awards hosted a BAFTA in 1996. Since then, Emlyn has worked in the new media industry as a multimedia producer/director, designer and consultant, creating designs for some of the largest companies in the UK. With his in-depth knowledge of new media and its practical application Emlyn has recently devised industrial digital workflows for web and video production. His product designs include the hand-held digital English-Japanese Dictionary for global publishing company Pearson Longman. Amongst Emlyn's video and audio work are, 'The Rank School of Charmers', (BBC documentary) and, the independently made short film 'The First Dance', recognised as a Cornish Heritage Film and screened at the 2008 Cornish Film Festival. DIP's documentary series' 'Stories in Stone' and 'Beneath a Mackerel Sky', written and presented by Emlyn, aired on Sky TV's Cornwall Channel in 2013.

antheabowenAnthea Bowen - production & marketing
Anthea's love of stills photography started at the age of four when she was given her brother's camera to play with. She trained as an actor but quickly realised that her predominant skills lay in production rather than performance and her career path moved away from the theatre and TV and into photography and production.

Starting as a stylist, photographic assistant and studio manager, Anthea soon opened up her own photographic agency in London and over 20 years represented many industry acclaimed photographers. Downsizing to just one of these photographers when she moved away from London 10 years ago, she has built up an impressive list of worldwide clients for Phil Babb. They have now worked together on accounts as diverse as Walls Ice Cream, John Lewis kids fashion, Cow and Gate baby food, Huggies nappy packs and Chappie dog food. Anthea and Phil continue to work together on a national and international client base.

With 30 years of experience at the top end of the photographic advertising industry, Anthea brings to Dead Interesting Productions her comprehensive marketing knowledge and skills in budgeting, casting, location co-ordination and shoot scheduling. Her love and experience of the visual image involves her in lighting design, art direction and editing.
Anthea has worked with the great, the good, and sometimes the terrible, but her industry knowledge and diplomatic touch ensures smooth business for Dead Interesting Productions.

For further details on any of our audio, web, video or media production services, please don't hesitate to contact us.