DVD-script2diskThe complete audio visual production service.

Communicate, empower and create shared experiences with a promotional DVD from Dead Interesting Productions.

We provide a complete DVD production service, from pre-production to finished project, and have a DVD film and video package tailored to suit your budget.

Our professional production service makes it easy and affordable to promote your business on digital media and everything is included: scripting, filming at your premises, editing, music - all that's required for an informative and engaging promotional film or video.

We use the highest quality production values and our in-house digital work-flow to ensure your films and videos look and sound fantastic. Additionally, we can edit your existing digital footage and convert your video to high-definition DVD or web format for viewing on an Internet site.

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Rocktape DVD

Recent productions have included more than sixty instuctional videos for Rocktape, the UK's formost Kinseiology tape company. DIP supplied a complete multi camera studio shoot and post-production package.
Here's an example.